Monday, March 22, 2010

what would i write

someone..a dear friend, told me...u shud be a blogger...
feck! me? who in this whole wide world wud want to read about my fecking ramblings?
thats the first impression that flahsed thru my mind..
i love to write.. work is all about writing..8.30 - 5.30 for the past soooooooo many years...mish mashing words into coherent trail of correct and accurate records of proceedings...which are admissible in court..i cud get lotsa serious people from Dato' to Tan Sris into serious shite...
so, what would i write..
what would i say..
does it matter?
yeah..i do at times proclaimed myself as a "poetic soul trapped in the body of a corporate slave"..i do believe i have that raw and unpolished talent in writing and arranging words...feck, i even won a DBP's national contest in lyric writing...(ok..self advertorial here.. albeit it being a decade or so ago..but the heart of the matter is, what would i write..

well...heres the 1st blog least i wrote a a journey of a thousand miles which starts with a single what neil armstrong said.."thats a small step for man but a fucking big leap for mankind" .. trust me..he did mentioned profanity out there in outer space but NASA edited it out...for obvious purpose..

so..a small step by me....maybe leading to a journey of a thousand miles...ok..kilometers if u wanna be pedantic...but a start is a start...

till next time..cest' la vie..


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